One of the very best ways to really get to know a place is by exploring it on your own two feet. has picked 10 of the best, we have a look at our favourtes.




The land of fjords provides a spectacular backdrop for a hike to Trolltunga, “The Troll’s tongue.” You may not recognize the name, but the image is unmistakable. Buzzfeed described Trolltunga as the “most stunning place in the world to take a selfie.”

This hike involves a long, strenuous climb that will take most of the day, but the for the fit hiker who is unafraid of heights, this is a trail you’ll never forget. Guided hikes are also available.


Photo credit: Thomas Frost Jensen – Creative Commons



Mammoth Lakes, California, USA

Many people think of Mammoth Lakes California as a great winter sports destination (they’re right), but it’s also a gateway to fantastic day hiking in the majestic Sierra mountains. You can take a shuttle (it’s mandatory) from town to Red’s Meadow; visit the unusual geologic formation known as Devil’s Postpile National Monument; hike to the impressive Rainbow Falls; and cap it all off with a well-earned, hand-scooped milkshake at the Red’s Meadow cafe.

Both the 211-mile (340-kilometer) John Muir Trail and the epic Pacific Crest Trail travel right through this valley, so be sure to wander down the path a bit. Congratulations! You just hiked a section of the PCT!


Photo credit: Rene Rivers – Creative Commons





Banff, Alberta Canada
The Canadian Rockies are known for their iconic peaks and glacier-blue lakes. The 6.6-mile (10.6 kilometer) Plain of Six Glaciers trail gives you impressive views of Mount Lefroy, Mount Victoria and Victoria Glacier. It is considered one of the most scenic hikes in the Canadian Rockies.

And you can drop in at the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House for high tea.


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