Beau travel App of the Week

Gone are the days when passport, tickets and travellers cheques (ask someone older they will remember these) were all you needed to travel. Nowadays there are some brilliant travel apps that you can have at your fingertips that will enhance your experience exponentially. So let us share the most inventive, downright quirky, to must haves in our new item app of the week.


Marine: Europe

Powered by those professionals at Navionics, this app has downloadable charts for Europe’s lakes and coastlines, presented in great detail to plot a hassle free course, but also updates you on changing weather conditions, to avoid any danger. It smartly feeds in tide predictions and information on currents.

Available on iPhone (£17.49), iPad (£44.99) and Android (£16.99)




Some say the only way to experience a place is by using public transport, this app has 68 of the world’s biggest and busiest conurbations, others are being added. The app can be used at home and abroad, you will never be far away from a neatly displayed stop by stop itinerary.

Available on iPhone (free) iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free)