Reading Hemingway, and under his arm a copy of today’s Granma with Castro on the front page. Ace mojito quaffer Simon Walton comes to terms with ideology upon ideology in contrasting Cuba.Cuba and our Beau Man of the Sea.


So here we are, sitting in La Bodeguita del Medio, just like every theother tourist, spending our convertible pesos.


The difference is we know where to sit. We know where to plant ourselves in the same confident manner as did Ernest Hemingway. Our man in Havana knows more about the culture of the nation than the paintings of Wilfredo Lam, though we’ll be as familiar as a native Cuban with theCentro, and the Instituto Superior de Arte.


Maybe though we’ll celebrate the physical artistry of Alicia Alonso, and attend the International Ballet Festival which, as all culture vultures know, is held every other October. If it’s not on this year, make plans for next.