In Brief, a roundup of the latest national and international travel news

Green Travel in Italy

Members of the public wearing face masks is a common sight in some of China’s busiest cities due to the poor air quality, it is not common that cities in Europe should suffer the same fate, last week the Italian cities of Milan and Turin reported that the levels of breathable toxic particles had reached 100 micrograms per cubic metre, four times higher than EU recommendations.

In an effort to reduce the levels, Turin has reduced fares on its metro and bus routes, whilst Milan is allowing free use of its BikeMi cycle scheme.



Turkey not for Christmas

The heightening tension between Russia and Turkey means that there should plenty of bargains to be had for those wishing to vacation in Turkey this summer. Last week, the Kremlin ordered its tour operators to “suspend the sale to Russian citizens of products that envisage visiting the territory of the Turkish Republic”. This will have an enormous impact on the tourist industry in the country as an estimated 4.5 million Russians visit annually. There are already British tour operators who have reduced their prices for next summer, including Thomas Cook and Thomson.



Upstairs Downstairs

I have always wanted to turn left rather than right when boarding an air craft, so I’m not sure I would contemplate boarding with the luggage. Well now the French aircraft manufacturer Zodiac Aerospace has filed a patent for an aircraft with a “lower deck” to utilise the under used space in the cargo hold, we’re surprised Ryanair haven’t caught on to this one before now.


No flights to Sharm el Sheik until the New Year

Those who were hoping to spend Christmas on the red sea resort will be disappointed as it was anticipated that both Thomas Cook and Thomson would resume service before Christmas, they have now confirmed it will be at least mid -January before any flights are likely, along with easyjet, Monarch and British Airways.