My Chauffer will be ok


I have been listening to the news over the last month or so with increasing trepidation, it has been reported that the abolishment of the paper counterpart of the UK driving licence on the 8th June ,would make hiring a car abroad more difficult, not to mislead you, I have never and don’t intend to drive on the continent at any time, but one of my travel companions always “chooses” to drive, whilst I happily drown a few more Jack Daniels and Diet Coke (mustn’t neglect ones teeth), it turns out that actually it will make little or no difference whatsoever. The DVLA is working on an online alternative that uses a one-time access code, valid for 72 hours; this will enable drivers to share any penalty-point details with hire companies. Not surprisingly, given how some of our European neighbours drive, Rory Sexton of has said “most car hire suppliers we work with are not interested in endorsements and take the view that if you have a licence, then you can drive.”



Well it finally came into effect on Friday the 1st May, air passenger duty for children under twelve was abolished, and families of four will save £26 on short-haul flights and £142 on long-haul destinations. The majority of airlines plan to automatically refund the air passenger  duty paid for those who booked flights in advance, however some carriers have no arrangements in place for automatic refunds, and will refund on application only, perhaps I’m being a bit cynical, but surely they can’t be thinking that not all will apply?


At Last

Travellers putting together their own package holidays online will get the same protection as those buying from traditional travel agents under a provisional deal struck by MEPs and Council negotiators on Tuesday. The deal also strengthens holidaymakers’ rights, by enabling them to cancel a package deal contract if its price rises by more than 8%, get help if they encounter difficulties or get transport home if a tour operator goes bust. Great news given that many holiday makers have been put off do-it-yourself holidays which can work out considerably cheaper than going through a tour operator.


Comfort over Style?

I am a woman with over one hundred and fifty pairs of shoes, despite having both hips replaced last year, I still can’t do the comfort over style thing, although the replacements left me with one leg slightly shorter than the other, I have asked my family to call me Dr Zera (planet of the apes) as there is something in my gait that reminds me of her, however after a recent holiday, of course with unsuitable footwear I am determined to take the bull by the horns and buy some shoes I can actually walk in, so I thought I might as well embrace a pair of what I would call ugly or if you like, become a women in comfortable shoes, so Keen the outlet that provides practical hard-wearing outdoor shoes have launched a range of Uneek sandals, they come in fourteen different combinations of colours (maybe I can get an outfit to match) apart from the sole, the whole of the shoe is created using only two cords, I’m hoping that Ill fall in love with them, and who knows acquire the complete colour range. Cost £90,