Are you the sensitive or jealous type?

We like both of these products, it depends if you’re the sensitive or jealous type.


Nail Spa


Add up what you've spent on manis and pedis over last year  . . . scary, right?  This one-stop hand, foot and nail station means you can feel groomed - at home!  Equipped with everything you could possibly need in one neat nail centre you can buff, polish, file - even effectively remove dead skin to get winter-worn heels ready for the party season!


Nail Spa £45  



A glossy gel manicure is at your fingertips with the Gelousy Peel Off Gel Starter Kit, which, includes a powerful LED Lamp, Gelousy Top and Basecoat, Gealousy Colour, Cleansing Wipes, Hoofstick and Buffer Block.  


Gelousy Peel Off Gel Starter Kit is your very own nail technician in a box and creates a hi-shine, long-lasting mani lasting for up to 2 weeks completely chip-free - all without a single visit to the salon or sacrificing the health of your nails.


Want a change of colour? Our easy-on and easy-off system means you can simply peel off the gel polish using the hoof stick provided in your kit to reveal undamaged nails underneath and then choose a Gelousy nail polish from our wide range of shades.


Starter Kit £59.99