My Way

This December marks the centenary of the Birth of Frank Sinatra, I have no doubt that over the coming festive season we won’t be the only ones, who after a few sherries will be “ I use the term loosely” singing New York, New York at the top of our voices whilst kicking our legs in an ungainly manner. We are huge fans some of his tunes would be taken to that well known desert island on radio 4, the stories that have emerged regarding his life, possible connections to organised crime have been fascinating, well now a new book The Rat Pack an  exquisite, 448-page tome is a deluxe, limited edition. Over 80 percent of the images have never been published before and are reproduced for the first time here in breath-taking quality. The pictures epitomize a life of privilege at the top of the heap in the fifties and sixties an extended cast include Marilyn Monroe and JFK.