GoEuro.co.uk, the search engine for comparing and booking flights, coach and rail travel across Europe, has found that 38.7 million of us will be on the move visiting friends and family this December.


Results showed that nearly 26 million people will travel by car, which is a stark contrast to the 4,932,000 travelling via train, and just 1,856,000 by coach.


Flying is the second most popular form of transport, with an estimated 6,150,000 people passing through duty-free, however perhaps some should reconsider as 31,000 people will miss their flight this Christmas.


GoEuro also compiled a list of festive figures to support the inevitable Boxing Day guilt, in turn increasing gym memberships tenfold.


The company found that as a nation we will drink 105,780,000 litres of wine, accompanied by 261,000,000 mince pies, culminating in 5 lbs holiday weight gained on average.




It’s Boxing Day, time for another gym membership!