A new way to drink Tea. With vodka of course!

Marking the start of the cold season, P & T and our/Berlin Vodka are unveiling a new edition of their Vodka Tea Infusion Kit, a three-piece set for creating unique tea vodkas at home.

P & T's collection of Vodka Tea Infusion Kits is now being expanded with three new, full-flavoured varieties:


Himalaya Vanilla

The special blend of Himalaya Vanilla is a rich, black tea from Nepal with subtle notes of cocoa and the warm aroma of pure bourbon vanilla. The leaves lend a smooth and sweet flavour to vodka, excellent straight up or with ginger beer.


Golden Earl

Golden Earl is a blend of fine, golden-bud Chinese black tea and Sicilian bergamot oil. Infused with vodka, it unfolds a warm, citrusy aroma with subtle notes of honey, perfect for mixing striking variations of the classic vodka tonic.

Deep Asana – Available from December

Deep Asana is blend of whole – not ground – spices based on ancient Indian Ayurvedic recipes, unfolding its intensely spicy-aromatic character in vodka. The resulting vodka-tea infusion is excellent straight up or mixed with ginger beer for a striking variation on the vodka buck.

The new Vodka Tea Infusion Kits are packaged in a specially created gift box, comprising one bottle of Our/Berlin Vodka (350ml) and an aroma bag of Himalaya Vanilla (9g), Golden Earl (6g), or Deep Asana (9g) tea. Included are brief instructions on how to create the perfect infusion. The Deep Asana Kit comes in a festive gift box with copper foil embossing.