The average British Christmas sees the typical homeowner spend £694 in total, according to the study of 2,000 people.


From forking out £168 on food alone to a further £90 on hosting and ensuring the home is ready for guests, the cost of Christmas now sees the average person spending almost £700.


The research, which was commissioned by Together Mutual Insurance, also found the average person generously splashes out £436 on gifts in a typical year – nearly £28,000 over the course of an adult lifetime.


And the bill for festive cheer tots up with homeowners also spending nearly £11,000 on Christmas food over their adult lifetime.


Generous Brits are prepared to splash up to £142 on their most expensive gift, but only expect to receive just £98 worth of gifts in return.


And, with the rising cost of Christmas, the pressure for the festive season to go smoothly rises, but things don’t always go to plan – how much money is being spent, emerged as the most likely factor to cause a Christmas argument.

Bah humbug, the shocking cost Of Christmas over a lifetime

A Together Mutual spokesman said yesterday: “As a nation we’re a generous lot, so we weren’t surprised by the survey results showing that Christmas keeps getting more and more expensive for many households across the UK.


“As the festive spirit builds and the excitement takes hold, it appears everyone is spending a great deal on gifts and entertaining. The huge cost really adds to the pressure of Christmas, as everyone wants it to be perfect - but there are so many little things that don’t always go according to plan.


“Getting prepared can really help to ease the burden, and gives you more time to spend with your loved ones at this special time of year.”


Other factors that can see a Christmas spoiled included rows over who does the washing up, which family to visit and what to watch on television.


While burnt turkey, drink spillages and the cost of entertaining relatives can put a sour note on proceedings.


The average homeowner will have six guests over for Christmas contributing to the hefty cost of the season – one in four hosts say they worry about guests causing damage to their home.


But sometimes festive problems can be more severe and one in twenty Brits has had a Christmas ruined – illness, flooding in the home and a broken oven were most commonly cited.


Worryingly, nearly a quarter (24%) has experienced winter damage to their home.


And one in eight has experienced an act of crime over the winter months, according to the study.


Perhaps that’s because of the added value stored in Britain’s homes over the festive period – which Brits often forget to get covered – one in six Brits said they know their current contents insurance doesn’t cover their Christmas present spending.


While just four per cent of those with contents insurance have actually amended their policy or given thought to their cover over the festive period.

The Together Mutual spokesman added:



“Christmas should be the perfect excuse to sit back and enjoy time with your family and friends and some well-deserved time off work. It can however be a stressful time of year with added pressures on families to spend increasing amounts of money on gifts and entertaining guests in their home. We were really interested to see the results of the survey that showed people spend nearly £700 on Christmas each year. With the added value of their home contents and increased risks of damage due to winter weather conditions and the number of guests in the home it’s wise to contact your insurance company and check your policy at this time of year. At Together Mutual Insurance we always recommend our existing customers get in touch and speak to us about the options they have over the festive season and any new customers can get a quick and simple quote through our website.”




FOOD – 168




TOTAL: 694




FOOD – 10,752

PRESENTS – 27,904



TOTAL: 44, 416