In 2016, Golden Eagle Luxury Trains, the world's leading operator of exclusive, long-distance luxury rail tours, will offer the opportunity to journey by rail into the heart of some of the world’s most intriguing destinations. Step aboard the Golden Eagle to uncover destinations such as Siberia’s grand wilderness, the Norwegian Arctic Circle and the remote former Soviet Republics on the ancient Silk Road from the comfort of an exclusive private train. Next year will also mark the 100th anniversary of the completion of thewholly Russian Trans-Siberian Railway. To celebrate the centenary, Golden Eagle Luxury Trains, will be introducing some special new, one-off, journeys along this iconic route between Moscow and Vladivostok.




Undoubtedly the world's greatest railway journey, the Trans-Siberian Railway runs like a steel ribbon across Russia connecting the east with the west. At 9,288kms in length it is the longest single-service railway in the world and crosses eight time zones as it weaves through Russia’s vast and little-visited interior, over the Urals and across the steppe. Opened in stages between 1891 and 1916, this extraordinary engineering achievement is a vital link for the many communities that live close to the line, and it also allows passengers to draw back the veil and glimpse the cinematic landscapes of this mysterious part of the world. In addition to the classic Trans-Siberian Express journey and Winter Wonderland version, Golden Eagle’s 2016 programme will feature two new and unique commemorative journeys.

Centenary Special: Trans-Siberian Express via Baikal-Amur Magistral (BAM)


This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel by private train through an outstanding area of untouched natural beauty of Siberia on the Baikal-Amur Magistral line, an engineering feat of immense proportions built across some of the world's most inhospitable terrain. Instead of detouring to Lake Baikal and into Mongolia, this journey heads through the spectacular Sayan Mountains to follow the BAM mainline that runs to the north and parallel to the original Trans-Siberian. Visit the extremely remote and beautiful Severobaikalsk and meet local inhabitants, before skirting the northern shores of Lake Baikal and heading east to Tynda, the largest town in the area. Meandering through untouched tundra to experience Russia at its most remote, the train then enters a region of permafrost to visit isolated Novy Urgal ahead of re-joining the Trans-Siberian line to Vladivostok. Price: from £9,895 all-inclusive, including 12 nights on-board the Golden Eagle and 2 nights’ hotel accommodation. Departure in 2016: 5 June.


Centenary Special: Trans-Siberian Express Siberian Discovery


Following along the main Trans-Siberian line, this special journey includes additional stops in three of the remote communities of Eastern Siberia. After Lake Baikal visit Nerchinsk which was bypassed by the building of the Trans-Siberian line and leads a forgotten existence. Next up is Sretensk, another community which survives far from the beaten track of the famous railway, and offers a rare opportunity to see how families exist and livelihoods are maintained despite the isolation. Also visited ahead of arrival in Vladivostok is picturesque Blagoveshchensk, a distant outpost of the Russian Far East that rests beside the mighty Amur River and Zeya River, which separates Russia from China. Price: from £9,895 all-inclusive, including 12 nights on-board the Golden Eagle and 2 nights’ hotel accommodation. Departure in 2016: 26 July.


Trans-Siberian Express Winter Wonderland:


Join the Trans-Siberian Express in winter, following a similar route to the classic journey, with additional visits to the historic city of Vladimir and the pastoral town of Suzdal, where guests can enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride and watch a choral performance by the resident monks at St. Euthymius Monastery. The scenery is jaw-droppingly beautiful in winter, especially Lake Baikal which is completely frozen over and provides a great spot for a range of snowy activities such as snowmobiling, dog sledding and ice-fishing. Passengers are provided with hats, felt boots and gloves to brave the sub-zero temperatures. Price: from £9,895 all-inclusive, including 12 nights on-board the Golden Eagle and 2 nights’ hotel accommodation. Departure in 2016: 21 Feb.