Great idea a washable suitcase

I don’t know about you, but I always manage to spill something inside my suitcase, usually sun tan cream or make-up, so how do you wash a suitcase when you return from travelling? How can you ensure that it’s clean as a whistle for the next trip? DELSEY, the global benchmark of design and innovation in the world of travel, gives travellers the ability to clean inside their luggage with ease.


It should be simple and now it is! The new SEGUR collection has a fully removable and washable inner lining.


Not just a clean dream, the case is elegant with its authentic vintage design that summons up the aesthetic of the classic French cars of yesteryear.


100% polycarbonate with a grooved formatting, designed for strength and unparalleled flexibility, the SEGUR collection was created for travellers looking for luggage that’s both elegant and reassuring.

The SEGUR collection is available in five sizes: 55 cm Cabin Slim, Cabin 55 cm, 69 cm, 75 cm and 82 cm; and in 4 trendy colours: blue grained finish, orange and purple glossy finish and grey.