Decanting Club: exploring wine, a glass at a time

We’re not sure about the pouches, it reminds us of the early days of Ryanair, we remember ordering some drinks and being served plastic pouches containing whisky not dissimilar to ketchup pouches only more difficult to open, most of the contents ended up in our laps, but we’re sure that they must have this sorted.

Decanting Club, the new wine club for those wanting to explore a whole world of taste and aroma, goes live on Monday 1 February 2016.

Gift certificates can be purchased from the site for loved ones and delivered in time for Valentine’s Day, entitling them to indulge in three, six or twelve months of the ground-breaking service.

Each week subscribers will receive a 150ml glass of wine, in a specially-designed pouch, through their letterbox. As well as enjoying the wine, all club members can access an exclusive website. Here they can discover more about the wine rate it and purchase more by the bottle or case.


From 1 February 2016 a new wine will be sent out every week, including:

  •          A delicious Spanish white made from native grapes, which is a perfect pairing with seafood

  •          An amazing Sicilian red that is made from grapes normally found in Bordeaux wines

  •          An award-winning Chenin Blanc which demonstrates what can be done with this versatile grape



Speaking ahead of the launch, founder, Paul Rousou-Adams, said “There is a growing movement towards drinking in moderation*, substituting quality for quantity, and Decanting Club is in a perfect position to help consumers enjoy a healthy amount** of amazing tasting wines from around the world.”

Steve Evans, the club’s wine expert, said: “Decanting Club is here to give people the joy of discovering new wines – one glass at a time. Similarly, a gift certificate goes way beyond a single bottle of wine, which is often enjoyed and then forgotten. This is the gift that really does keep on giving.”