Mother’s Day Cramele Recas’ Martisor Pinot Grigio, better than a new dressing gown?

Newly launched by the Romanian winery, Cramele Recas, the Martisor Pinot Grigio is a wine also dedicated to celebrating one of Romania’s spring traditions to honor women.  As the word Martisor is named after the ancient Romanian tradition, when men give presents to the women they love: if it be their mother, wife, sister, aunt or daughter. Traditionally, men give the females in their life a handmade red and white string necklace called a Talisman, which is believed to keep your loved one strong and healthy in the the year ahead. A symbol of love and new beginnings, the Talisman is also incorporated on the Martisor Pinot Grigio bottle label.


From the refined packaging to the flavours, the Martisor truly encapsulates femininity, boasting delicate aromas of melons, figs and a hint of lemon burst.  This refreshing and quaffable wine is dry on the finish, with a slight mineral acidity with bright flavours of tart green apple and tropical melon grace the palate for a bright, crisp taste.  


Cramele Recas’s Martisor Pinot Grigio is exclusively on offer at Waitrose stores across the UK. Available at for the RRP of £7.49.