Last September we spent a lovely long weekend in a place called Strete in Devon, we checked out the accommodation on-line before booking, it looked great, well maintained, modern and spacious, unfortunately as happens so many times the camera had lied, although adequate it was a lot smaller than we had thought.

Toad Hall Cottages are delighted to introduce a new captivating and fully immersive 3D virtual tour designed to help engage the on-line audience searching for their perfect holiday cottage.  The new immersion360 tours bring Toad Hall’s properties to life by combining interactive property floor plans with a detailed walk-through, fully controlled by the customer.

Toad Hall Cottages are always striving to ensure they are displaying their properties to their fullest potential whilst looking for new and engaging ways to help guests find their ideal holiday cottage. To do just this they partnered with ACT Studios to deliver immersion360 across their property portfolio.

Using a smartphone, tablet or computer the 3D tours give you:  


  • Interactive floor plans to enable you to visualise the space of every room and every floor of the property.

  • A ‘dolls house’ view of the property in full 3D so that you can see how the space works on each floor and how the property is laid out from top to bottom.

  • An interactive walk-through of every room providing complete freedom to explore every room.  


James Norton, Marketing Manager at Toad Hall Cottages said,

“We are all naturally drawn to beautiful visuals and then we read into the details before booking a holiday. However, it’s really hard to visualise space and layout from photographs and descriptions alone so we have introduced the immersion360 tours so you can now see the entire property laid out in one simple, easy to navigate visual”

Toad Hall Cottages are confident the new 3D tours will make the often difficult process of choosing the perfect holiday cottage that much easier.

The camera never lies?