During his many years as an intelligence operative in the Government, corporate and private sectors, Gavin Stone knew exactly how to gain classified information and use it to his advantage. Not surprisingly, he often used this information to give him a leg-up in his own personal life.

One area where Stone gained an unexpected advantage was in the world of travel. Often not getting paid for months at a time, he nailed the art of serving clients around the world without barely ever paying for flights or hotels. In a brave move, he is now sharing that information with the world.

The official synopsis ‘How to Travel the World for Peanuts’ sums it up perfectly:

Spy tricks on how to travel for pennies!

Former intelligence operative Gavin Stone reveals the methods he's used to travel on the cheap during his career in the world of espionage! Tricks he still uses today and now you can too!

“In order to complete the job at hand, I was often required to travel either for next to nothing, or for nothing at all!” explains Stone. “But the ability to do that doesn’t just exist in the professional world of intelligence; exactly the same techniques can be deployed by anyone and they’ll be shocked at the results.”


Continuing, “The tips, tricks and hacks I share will literally blow readers away, and the best bit is that they are all ethical and totally above-board. I still use these tricks multiple times a year and am privileged to be one of the few able to travel the world while paying as little as possible. By following my blueprint, readers can now enjoy the same!”

You never see James Bond paying for anything

With the volume’s demand expected to rapidly increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies as soon as possible.


‘How to Travel the World for Peanuts’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1UJOZxz.