25 spoonful’s of sugar, I think not

The recent headlines that many of the well-known coffee shops beverages contain up to 25 tea spoonful’s of sugar was a bit of a shocker, I don’t know about you, but we’d rather splash the calories on something much more sensible, a biscuit or two.


Well now, why not save money and calories by making your own? Stojo is a must for all coffee-loving commuters. The unique design allows you to drink your coffee on the go and then collapse the cup down to a third of the size. As Stojo has a water tight design, once you've finished your coffee, it can be stowed away in your bag, pocket or rucksack, ready to be refilled at your favourite coffee shop.


You never leave the house without your mobile and now you'll never leave without your Stojo. Drinking coffee on the go has never been easier.


Priced at just £14.99, and available in 4 colours, Stojo will become your favourite go-to coffee accessory and you can say goodbye to disposable coffee cups with a clean conscience!



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