We like this bag, it’s just in time for spring, and now RAE FEATHER SS16 bags have now launched online!!   For that one-of-a-kind touch, great as a gift, these monogrammed, oversized baskets and clutches from British brand RAE FEATHER are perfect gifts or holiday accompaniment this season.



The Rae Feather Spring Colours!  

Here’s mine

We also like this case, ever worried about recognising your case from all the others on the baggage carousel at the airport? I took the wrong one all the way home, opened it up to find two pairs of golfing shoes very disappointing ,I bet the guy who had mine wasn’t to impressed either, so why not customise your suitcase into a fully-fledged fashion accessory? 

With the Flâneur Custo collection, DELSEY, the global standard in design and innovation in the world of travel, has made this a reality by providing travelers with an opportunity to customise their luggage, according to their taste.              

Customisable design and practicality : a collection to suit each traveler’s style  

The Flâneur Custo collection is a case with a modern, clean design, exclusivity and strong lines. In step with the times and designed to apeal to all tastes, this new collection is available in black and white with a glossy finish. To provide customisation, each bag comes with four stickers to match and enhance the luggage’s beauty.

Another practical innovation of this range is the removable inner lining that can be machine-washed.

With the Flâneur Custo collection’s 100% polycarbonate body and its distinctive design, each traveler can have a say in their own luggage style. 

The Flâneur Custo collection is available in three sizes: Cabin Slim 55 cm, 67 cm, 77 cm; and in two trendy colors: black and white glossy finish.