Spanish ATC Strikes


Just as summer holidays get under way proper, so to speak, with many British holiday makers having already booked trips abroad, Spanish air traffic controllers have announced a series of strikes for June 8,10,12 and 14, the strikes are for 2 hours each morning and afternoon, these are remonstration against fines and suspensions levied upon previous action taken by staff in 2010.

Hotel Safety Rules Fail to Protect British Holiday Makers


Since the inquest into the deaths of Christi and Bobbi Shepard, British travel firms are putting pressure on the EU to ensure that a single standard for hotel safety is adopted. The European Commission is currently consulting with the travel industry before drafting legislation than will become pan-European. As it stands there is no single standard in place how UK tour operators manage risk in the hotels they use as part of their business, this could lead to more tragedies, as the current system is not robust enough to identify safety failings in many hotels.