Train Tickets on Tap

Loco2 the search engine for train tickets, has today launched an Android version of its easy-to-use smartphone app for booking rail. The news follows the launch of its iPhone app in April.

Travellers can now buy train tickets for the UK and across Europe in just a few taps on Loco2’s mobile applications, which are free to download in the Play Store and AppStore. 

While Apple devices remain the biggest group of mobile users of the service, Loco2 reports a steady increase in Android users as demand for mobile grows. 


"Since the start of 2016 alone, we've seen growth of 166% from Android," says Kate Andrews, co-founder of Loco2. "We're seeing a substantial increase in the number of people using the platform to book domestic trains, which are more suited to apps."   

Loco2 does not charge a fee for
UK or international trips, making its smartphone apps popular with price-savvy travellers keen to avoid the charges made by rival services.