People are Strange

Maybe the people questioned don’t get out much, well if you see the responses you will know what I mean, as a recent survey of Cosmos Concierge team members, who provide assistance to customers of Cosmos Holidays, has revealed exactly what UK travellers have on their mind when planning their ideal holiday.




Top 10 most unusual questions asked:


1-Which brand of bacon does the hotel use?


2-What colour is the bedding in the room we’ll be staying in?


3-Does the airport offer traditional transfer options, such as by donkey?


4- How many pairs of pants should I pack for a seven night holiday?


5-Which beach would be best for our family’s annual sandcastle-building competition?


6- Will there be a chance at the children’s club for my son to push one of the club hosts into the pool?


7- I want to propose to my girlfriend while we are away, can we get the beach to ourselves for the afternoon?


8- I’ve not packed yet - does this fall within the Cosmos Concierge Service you offer?


9- Are there any speed dating events?


10-Which mini golf course gives me the best chance of beating my teenage son to a hole in one?

Top 10 most frequent sensible queries:


1-Best secluded beach


2-Best restaurant for local cuisine


3- Best Family Day Out


4-Best evening entertainment


5- Best club/DJ night


6- Best place to see when you have hired a car


7-Best value for money supermarket


8-Best family friendly restaurant


9-What to do when arrive at the airport


10- Length of transfer