As the song says,the girl from Ipanema goes walking

Safeture is a personal security app by Global Warning System that provides real-time alerts and information about security, safety and health threats to travellers all over the world and keeps them connected with family and friends while away from home as well as SOS response numbers for local countries


This summer in time for the Olympics, they are launching a dedicated app that will help ensure trips to the Brazilian capital stay memorable for all the right reasons and the first 10,000 users who activate the app in Rio get it for free.


The GWS team – which is offering free usage of the app to the first 10,000 users who download or activate the app while in Rio - has released an updated version with specific content for those who are going to the games, and has also set up a dedicated team of analysts on-site in the city to keep on top of potential issues.




Over the past twelve months Brazil has been hit with a series tumultuous events, from the Zika virus outbreak to political unrest and violence.


“In preparations for the games in Rio, we have put together a dedicated monitoring group consisting of professional analysts that will keep a close eye on everything that unfolds before, during and in the aftermath of the event. If something unexpected occurs, GWS app users will be the first to know and they will be professionally advised on how to act,” says Johan Tinnerholm, COO at Safeture.


Safeture will be available in English, German, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Italian and Czech. Some key features include direct push notifications; news alerts via SMS automatically linked to your location and providing accurate and updated security information and local emergency phone numbers. It also carries a personal tracking feature that allows users to share their position and track their whereabouts in real-time – meaning friends and family always know where you are.


Users can download Safeture on the Apple App Store or Google Play. The first 10,000 people who download or activate Safeture in Rio will receive the app for free for the duration of the games.


Please visit for more information about Safeture in Rio.