A1Travel have just launched a brand new offering that will make booking your next holiday as affordable and stress-free as possible. As of now, holidays that are booked in advance for 2017 will come with interest-free credit, for all those families who may struggle to make up one lump sum of money for their holiday next year.

We all need a break to relax and unwind, and A1 Travel understands this better than anyone, having been established as an independent travel agency for over thirty years. They've always been seen as an expert within the market, and are keen to provide customers with as much guidance and advice as possible, so that they end up with the holiday of a lifetime.

They hope that with this new offering, they'll make breaks away even more affordable for families who are stretched during these difficult economic times.

What's a low-deposit holiday?

Designed to make planning and budgeting all the easier for their customers, advance bookings of whole holiday packages can now be secured for as little £49, whereas hotels can be secured for just £1.

Where does the interest-free credit come into it? Well, in order to pay off the rest of the holiday payment, you can either pay the balance in full a few weeks before departure, or opt for several easy-to-manage instalments with 0% interest. Spread the cost, budget more efficiently and have more money available for you and your family all year round.

Where can I go?

It's available for so many destinations. There are even special early booking offers for the most popular choices, such as Spain, Portugal and Greece, while most recently, Croatia and Italy have been added to the list of places that people can travel to.

As long as you book well in advance, there really is no excuse for missing out on your dream holiday next year. Would you prefer to lay on a beach in Marbella on a girl's holiday away? Or how about a romantic, cultural break to one of the most iconic islands in the world? You can secure seven nights in the five-star Blue Marine Resort and Spa Hotel in Crete for just £49 per person.