It would seem we travel magazines are supplying readers with as much coverage on the Greek debt crisis as the BBC world business report, with the new government in place for several months now, holiday makers would have hoped that all the uncertainty over their travel plans would have been settled, unfortunately the Greek government are stuck between a rock and a hard place, not wishing to abandon the mandate its people voted it in on, yet trying to persuade the EU that the austerity plans set in place are not working, and to implement a different approach, at the same time not wishing to default on the millions of euros it has received thus far.


Rumours are circulating on whether the Greek banks will be able to continue to operate, although Alexis Tsipras, has insisted that a last-minute deal will avert the so-called Grexit.


If you have already booked to a package, your flights are protected and your tour operator will get you home if you’re stranded abroad. If you’ve booked independently, check your insurance policy to see whether delays and cancellations are covered.


The majority of airlines are reassuring their customers that they are not anticipating any changes at present, and The Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) said: “We do not anticipate that there will be any need for tour operators to rebook their customers to a different destination.” Yet it warned travellers to “take out travel insurance as soon as they book their holiday, to provide protection should they need to cancel”.


If the worst should happen whist your on holiday, it is worth noting some possible issues that might arise, public transport strikes are likely, especially in Athens and on the ferry routes. If you’ve booked a package, the onus is on your tour operator to get you to your destination, or to look after you if they can’t. The advice regarding financing your holiday, is not to rely on debit or credit cards, , so take enough cash in euros to cover expenditure for the entire trip, plus a bit extra for emergencies, ensure you take advantage of any room safes available.


Many holiday makers are nervous about what might happen, and may be thinking of choosing other destinations, but unless the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against travel, you won’t be entitled to a refund. The significant reduction in online searches for flights and holidays over the last week or so means that there are bargains to be had for those who have not booked a holiday. Sunvil has slashed up to 50% off hundreds of holidays, and Thomson has cut prices by up to 30%,every cloud and all that.


Greece, the tragedy isn’t over yet.