It appears you can take it with you

You can take the people out of Britain, but you can’t take the ‘Britishness’ out of people, with 64 per cent of holidaymakers admitting to taking their own tea or coffee with them on holiday, 12 percent taking toilet roll and 4 percent even packing a pot of marmite, a recent survey into holiday habits conducted by my Travel Cash Prepaid MasterCard®, reveals the top ten. 


Top 10 home comforts:


1.     Teabags (43 per cent)


2.     Coffee (20 per cent)


3.     Biscuits (12 per cent)


4.     Toilet Roll (12 per cent)


5.     Sugar/sweetener (11 per cent)


6.     Bacon (5 per cent)


7.     Marmite (4 per cent)


8.     Baked Beans (3 per cent)


9.     Mustard (3 per cent)


10.  Ketchup (2.5 per cent)