Team Walt or Team Jessie?

I must admit I was very late to the party, that’s Walt’s and Jessie’s, I am now coming to the end of season three, and am addicted, but still haven’t chosen my team. Well some clever business person is cashing in on the world-wide success of the phenomena known as Breaking Bad, and have opened a café in Istanbul, Walters Coffee Roastery, coffee served in beakers, staff in yellow protective wear, and in homage to Walt’s chemistry genius, decorated with the periodic table. I’m not sure they sell “Los Pollos” chicken.

Bad Show

You have probably heard the news that British bobbies are being sent to various Spanish resorts in an effort to remind Brit’s the importance of respecting local laws and traditions, we think that this is a sad state of affairs, a bad show that some of our countrymen have to have a British police presence in order to behave. Well, now one resort Lloret de Mar have taken the step to introduce a new law in an attempt to rid its reputation of being one of the rowdiest resorts on the Costa Brava. There are already fines for unruly behaviour such as urinating in public, fighting and drinking on the street, now if you are charged and fined for any of these offences, you may also find yourself being evicted from your hotel.

ATC strikes in Greece

It would appear a deal is on the cards for Greece, however it’s not all good news, Greek air traffic controllers are to increase industrial action over the next few weeks, in protest over staffing levels and working conditions. There was disruption on Wednesday as control towers implemented a four-hour stoppage, which affected many flights. The foreign office is advising those planning to travel to Greece, to check with their airline or tour operator before departing.