Bed and Breakfast anyone?

It used to be that when you said you were staying bed and breakfast anywhere, people always assumed that this was slightly down market, not these days, there are plenty of great bed and breakfast venues, not only in the UK ,but across Europe, indeed some are described as boutique and deservedly so.

Bed & breakfasts worldwide experienced strong growth. During the first half of 2015, the number of reservations at B&Bs was 39% higher than in the same period last year, and the number of accommodations increased by 18%. Statistics courtesy of, the world’s largest B&B website, in conjunction with Stenden University.


The popularity of bed & breakfast can partly be explained by the favourable value for money. “B&Bs” are cheaper than hotels, but offer the same comfort and in some cases exceed comfort and service found in hotels, additionally it’s usually a much more personal and hands on service that is provided Besides, a clear trend is that tourists are choosing a more social way of traveling. They want to spend the night at locals and truly get to know an area. A B&B offers the personal experience they are seeking”, says Hanny Arens, founder of

The room rate of European B&Bs amounts to an average € 76.46 including breakfast.



The average annual turnover of European B&Bs is € 16,700.


On average, European B&Bs have 5.2 guest rooms and 7.6 beds.


40% of European B&Bs started after 2011.


Bed & breakfasts are mostly visited by couples without children, for 41% of B&Bs they form the main guest group.


A quarter of the guests stay in a B&B for business purposes.