Live long and prosper

Someone whose living long and prospering is William Shatner or rather Captain Kirk, now 84 he is to be the guest of honour on a six-day cruise from Florida to the Bahamas as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, it’s a must for all serious Trekkies.

Prices start from £900pp

Ryanair loses compensation case

A landmark ruling against Ryanair now means the company will have to pay out claims going back six years rather than the current two years stated in its terms and conditions. As you would expect the decision is being appealed by Ryanair, the decision has implications for other low-cost carriers, with Jet2 agreeing to process claims going back six years to avoid legal action. The question for us , is why would someone wait six years to make a claim if the service fell short surely a complaint would be submitted at the time?


Thailand Advice

Following the recent tragedy in Bangkok, where twenty-two people were killed by a bomb, Thai authorities have increased the level of security across the city in an effort to assure residents and tourists alike that they are safe. The Foreign and Common Office is not warning against travel to the area, so those who may have been hoping to cancel planned trips will be unable to do so without incurring a financial cost.