Bald is Beautiful

Nanogen- Hair Thickening Fibres

A hair transplant in a jar! You have to see this product in action to believe it on both men and women. The sprinkle-on fibres give an instant head of thick hair that looks completely natural and undetectable. A bit like Dom DeLuise couldn’t notice Burt Reynolds new piece, he commented it was almost undetectable!

The makers claim this instant sprinkle on hair wonder product is used by so many familiar red carpet faces to instantly conceal thinning hair, but does anyone ever admit to using it? No, they and their hair and make-up team keep it a closely guarded secret, but really it’s not hard to see whose hair has been teased.


We would just like to say that great line from Auf Wiedersehen Pet” Micky Mouse didn’t do Walt Disney any harm”, or indeed baldness didn’t do Sean Connery any harm.

Apparently available in 10 natural shades: Black - Dark Brown - Medium Brown - Light Brown - Auburn 
Cinnamon - Dark Blonde - Light Blonde - Grey – White

One Month £18.95 | Two Months £29.95 | Hair Fibre Locking Spray £11.95


Available in selected Boots & Superdrug nationwide, and