You can’t take it with you

April 1st was the big day, the government pension reforms commence, and many tour operators are expecting an increase from those now cash rich pensioners for luxury travel, indeed one company Carrier, have launched a range of luxury trips in anticipation, titled The Pension Freedoms collection. Destinations will include Bora Bora, Bhutan, Burma and Alaska, so you know what they say you can’t take it with you, but you might need to save a bit.


Travel Advice to Kenya remains the same

The advice from the foreign office regarding travel to Kenya remains the same following the recent terror attacks, the location of the university, eastern Kenya, where the attack happened are within the boundaries that are already included in the advice that all but essential travel is advised against.


Egyptian Travel Clarification

Given the reduction in tourism Egypt is currently facing due to the recent troubles, the last thing that is needed is confusion surrounding visa arrangements, it was recently announced by Cairo that the current visa on arrival system would no longer be in place. It is not clear whether this applies to independent travellers only, or includes those who book through tour operators. A spokesperson from the Egyptian tourist office was unable to clarify, stating “It is also confusing to us, It was a Ministry of Foreign Affairs decision and we are seeking clarification” since this statement, there has been somewhat of a U-turn, with the initial plans to scrap visas on arrival being reinstated.



Next year, HighSpeedFerries are to launch the shortest crossing on the western channel, the service will take less than 2 hours from Weymouth to Cherbourg.