Bricking it

There isn’t a week that goes by without a news story that kids are spending too much time in front of the television or on mobile devices, indeed it’s now the case that very young children try and swipe at the television to move it along, a definite sign of the times the latest announcement that there will be a dictionary available for parents to understand what kids are saying to each other. Do you know what POS stands for?

Apparently it means parents over my shoulder. So it really surprises us that Lego is so popular with kids, it’s really big business, so much so that hotels are falling over each other to ensure that they are in on the action. For example, Foxhills in Surrey has introduced Legoland packages starting at £435 for theme park tickets and a suite for four, B&B, whilst Le Meridien hotels give a Lego Toy to all guests under twelve checking in. To top it all at a hotel in Ireland, the Ashford Castle, has Lego on the room service menu. We still think that the kids will be checking the WI-FI available, but it’s a nice touch, as long as they don’t ask me to help build anything I’m useless.