Manchester Reluctant to “give it large”

We recently reported that Uzbekistan airways were to start weighing passengers before flights alongside their hand luggage, the move was introduced to help “ensure flight safety” exactly how is unclear, as they have yet to announce the consequences of the weigh-in but have guaranteed “full confidentiality of the results. We were sceptical that this would be an acceptable practice with us British, not so, Holiday Extras polled 2,765 holidaymakers from across the UK in August 2015 and apparently 58% were happy for airlines to weigh passengers at check-in, indeed 6% say charging extra based on weight would encourage them to use an airline.  



When asked how they would respond if an airline started charging extra based on weight, 45% of British holidaymakers said that it would make no difference to them, and a further 6% even claimed the measures would actively encourage them to use an airline more often. Just 21% of those polled declared that the measures would force them to boycott an airline.


Ant Clarke-Cowell, Communications Director for the travel website, commented:  “There’s currently no initiative to weigh customers at check in the UK. Even so, the idea has sparked some lively debate with holiday travellers. When compared to the national findings, Manchester people proved far more likely to react against the introduction of weight checks.


“Changes in airline procedures often do receive an adverse reaction initially, so it’s pretty surprising to see that many holidaymakers appear to be tolerant to the idea of weighing passengers at check-in. Personal space is a certainly a very sensitive issue so it will be interesting to see how views about this topic evolve.”

Business Class for Premium Economy Prices

Airline La Compagnie a relatively new airline, established in 2014, operating 2 Boeing 757 out of Charles De Gaulle Airport, launched a service from Luton to NYC’s Newark earlier this year ( The great thing about this service is with only 74 lie-back club class seats, the price of each this month only £1,100 in comparison to BA’s premium economy which cost from £1,036, so clearly you get a lot more bang for your buck with this new operator.