Since 1946, DELSEY has simplified travel with durable, convenient and lightweight luggage. With the new collection, EXCEPTION, the brand continues to innovate, offering five ultra-resistant, lightweight designs with incredible new features that will appeal to the aesthetics of those in search of a fashionable, practical case.

 “The EXCEPTION collection offers a decidedly confident design as if each piece was shaped by hand. The graphic lines and single-bar trolley system delivers creative perfection.”

Albert Engler, Brand Designer DELSEY

Inside the bag the texture is beautifully formed, in fact, it is stretched and bonded to the walls of the case to match its shape perfectly.

The EXCEPTION cases are the first DELSEY suitcases designed in this new finish to greatly improve the available space inside, allowing you to use every available inch for your belongings.

EXCEPTION suitcases withstand water without any additional cover.

The water-repellent zip (water glides over the zipper without penetrating the bag) and the telescopic retractable handle, positioned outside the hull of the case, ensures not even a drop will leak inside - even if the bag remains stationary on the airport tarmac in the rain.

Because discerning travellers expect lightness, strength and safety the EXCEPTION collection is:-  ultra-light and ultra-resistant,  each bag is made from 100% pure polycarbonate Makrolon®, providing lightness and strength- ultra-secure: EXCEPTION suitcases each have a closing system with a TSA compliant code

Returning from a day of meetings or heading off for a business trip over several days, take EXCEPTION

which comes in 5 sizes and 3 colours: black, silver and blue.Prices starting from £199