Just in Case

We don’t know about you but is it just us, packing is a nightmare, what to take (just in case) get the scales out, now start again, it weighs too much, and if you had a drink whilst packing it’s even worse, do you just take the top layer out and hope for the best, ending up with 6 tops and no bottoms to wear, or 15 pairs of knickers and no bra, decisions, decisions decisions.

It’s time to smarten-up while travelling with Weigh-to-Fly, a revolutionary extendable luggage scale which sends real-time updates to your phone as you pack your case will be coming to the market soon. It is the ideal travel companion to help you avoid excess baggage charges when you fly.

The device has an adjustable, lightweight, telescopic frame that slides and locks to fit whichever size case you want to take.  Once the case is placed on top, the sensors in each of the corners send updates via Bluetooth to the traveller’s smartphone, allowing them to see instantly how close they are to their weight limit as they pack.  The smartphone app contains details of every major airline’s weight restrictions so the user simply types in which airline they are flying with.  It even takes account of the weight of the device (450g) and the scale’s unique “coat hanger” design means it can also serve as a clothes hanger when you get to your destination.  Also incorporated is a proximity sensor, which sends a notification to your phone if you leave your case behind or move too far away from your luggage.


The retail price of Weigh-to-Fly is expected to be £69.99….a small price to pay to know you are not going to incur excess charges ever again!