We’re not sure Del Boys yellow Robin Reliant would be classed as exotic or prestigious, or that it would stay the distance, but you never know. The price of entry is also a bit on the steep side, but who knows this time next year he could be a millionaire!

In September next year 30 exotic cars will line up in New York at the start of a 16-day driving adventure that will take the owners over 2800 miles of the best driving routes in the world. From New York to California via the Catskills, Appalachians, Smoky Mountain, Texas Hill Country, the Grand Canyon, the Rockies and through California wine country to the finish in San Francisco.


Exotics Across America is being organised to allow owners of the world’s most prestigious automobiles the chance to experience the full potential of their machines on the best driving roads across the North American continent. Maximum enjoyment is the criteria for the owners who will stay in luxury hotels each night, fly by private jet between the rally sectors whilst their cars are transported from stop to start and where local sights and venues will offer the best environments of the nation.


The entry process is now open, nearly 12 months ahead of the 9 September 2016 start in Manhattan. The $69,950 entry fee includes luxury hotel accommodation and gourmet dining for the driver and navigator, all on-event air travel, secure vehicle transport, full concierge service to manage and move personal luggage, the total event administration, photography and appropriate awards. Global shipping of your car can be arranged and a supercar rental offer will be announced shortly.

With ONLY 30 entries to be confirmed by EAA invitation prospective entrants should visit:www.rallyrace.com/EAA2016 immediately and complete the entry formalities rapidly to secure their invitation confirmation.