Patrick Poendl/

The Three Towers at Torres del Paine National Park,

Patagonia, Chile. View from Mirador de Las Torres.


This vista reminds me of Star Trek, you know, when they used to beam down a landing party onto a new planet, of course we all knew that at least one of the unknown cast members was about to meet their maker, well to be honest it couldn’t happen in a more magnificent setting, who would want to be beamed back from this. The sun briefly appears the through the hurrying clouds, and the grassland’s restrained greens and browns radiate. Glimpses of sunlight offer the landscape and sky a complexity that amplifies the impression of vast emptiness. American outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid fled to here, believing the world could never catch up with them, and why wouldn’t they?


Lake Tahoe 


This looks cold, I’m not sure if I would even test it with one toe in the water, but what a fantastic view, glistening with shades of blue and green too numerous to know where to begin, Lake Tahoe is the USA’s second-deepest lake. Driving around the lake’s mesmerising 72-mile scenic shoreline will give you an opportunity to see all the different aspects in all its glory .The north shore is quiet and exclusive, the west shore, rugged and a little dated, the east shore, undeveloped, whilst the south shore, somewhat tawdry, with aging motels and flashy casinos.

Sydney Harbour Bridge At Dusk with firing sky in background 


I know the Aussies have made it virtually impossible to jump off  now, but why would anyone consider this, I would love to jump at the chance of going to see it in situ, the Aussies love their giant 'coathanger'., this grandiose construction spans the harbour at one of its narrowest points. The best way to experience the bridge is on foot, stairs climb up the bridge from both shores, leading to a footpath running the length of the eastern side. You can ascend the great arc on the wildly popular BridgeClimb, even I would feel like bursting into song, and I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, Dame Kiri would be proud.




Close, but no cigar

Actually, what the hell are we talking about? One thing you will find in abundance in Havana is the cigar, traditionally hand-rolled on the thigh of some local beauty. Or that is how the urban myth has it…


Before the revolution, Cuba — like many Caribbean islands —was a playground for wealthy Americans, and there are those that predict a return after the death of Fidel Castro. Whatever your politics, and your view of the old rascal, something unique will die along with him. If Cuba is on your bucket list, take our advice and visit sooner rather than later…