Beau travel App of the Week


Gone are the days when passport, tickets and travellers cheques (ask someone older they will remember these) were all you needed to travel. Nowadays there are some brilliant travel apps that you can have at your fingertips that will enhance your experience exponentially. So let us share the most inventive, downright quirky, to must haves in our new item app of the week.I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.


Banksy Bristol Tour

Now internationally famous as his work sell for huge amounts, but you haven’t seen anything until you visit Bristol the place where it all started. This geo-tagged map guides your to the sites of his early works, the bomb hugging girl and the masked gorilla are included, detailed notes and suggested interpretations are provided, but we will leave that up to you.

Available on iPhone (£1.99) and Android (£1.99)



Once you have arrived at your destination, picked up your luggage as you resemble a pack horse mule, you need to get a cab as soon as possible, instead of trying to locate the nearest taxi rank, this neat little app does the work for you, it uses the phones GPS to get cabs to come to you. By simply tapping the small cab icon on the map, the cab will then head towards your location. A little like being met!

Available on iPhone (free) and Android (free)


New York Subway

As with all subway systems, there are many apps that claim to make your journey easier. This little number must be one of the most effective; it has the usual maps and route planners, but in addition, has an augmented reality mode that uses your camera to overlay nearby stations onto your current view of the city- very handy.

Available on iPhone (£0.69) and Windows Phone (£0.79)



For those of us lucky enough to have a personal assistant (not many) it’s easy to forget how easy they make our life, especially when it comes to travel .Unfortunately it’s not practical or cheap to take them on our travels. This app works by forwarding all your travel details, flights, care hire, hotel bookings etc. to trips @ and it instantly generates your itinerary from that particular trip. There is also a premium service available, which keeps you in the loop in real time; it will alert you in case of flight delays and gate changes as examples.

Available on iPhone (free) and Android (free)


Museums Mobile

Packed with details of the world’s biggest museums, with information on the permanent collections they house, and additionally current collections on display. By using your GPS location it will direct you to all the museums in your area, perfect if you have a few hours to spare and want to sample some culture.

Available on Windows Phone (free)



Just like tom tom but cheaper, this app uses GPS and social networking to avoid potential traffic problems. Users submit traffic and road conditions which combine to ensure that you are given the quickest route. It also has the option of voice recognition so that you can keep your hand on the wheel.

Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free) and Android (free)



Whilst there are many crowd sourced restaurant review apps on the market, this one is smarter and more specific, as it concentrates on your appetite at the time. Fancy a lasagne and not in currently in Italy? Then with a little investigation this will give you the most highly recommended by other users in the area, suddenly its mama mia!

Available o iPhone (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free)


Travelsafe Pro

An extensive data base of all emergency services across a wide range of countries, including embassy details you may need just in case, you can also pin certain services to your home screen as widgets, for one touch access.

Available on Android (£0.99p)



Ever received your mobile bill and thought how much! I don’t remember using that much while I was away. Well here’s   an app that can drastically reduce the amount of data to perform everyday tasks, email, Facebook etc., not sure how it works exactly, but just know that it does, and avoids that nasty shock of a large bill.

Available on iPhone (free) and Android (free)



Believe it or not it can be offensive to leave to large a tip- the Japanese would take great offence to a tip of 10%, where as a New Yorker would be calling you all the names under the sun, all based on the fact your tight. This app helps do the maths when splitting the bill (someone always never has rice) and also side steps any cultural faux pas when tipping.

Available on iPhone (£0.69)



The Snow Report

Being more of an après ski person, I do however understand for those who enjoy the skiing, snow is a must. Keep this on your home to receive up to date information, for your local pistes, it also has detailed trail maps that will guide you back to your lodge, just in case you get carried away with the après ski!

Available on iPhone ( free) and Windows Phone (free)



Until ginger people take over the world and convince us all that the pale and interesting look is a must have, we will still be venturing to sunnier climbs and lying on those sunbeds. This piece of kit alerts you to when you next need to baste, all that is required is your skin type, SPF of you sun tan lotion, then lie back and relax you will be bronzed to perfection.

Available on iPhone (free)


Jetlag Genie

There are plenty of “travellers” who are more than happy to share their theories on how to avoid the dreaded jetlag, some are bonkers and others based on mere conjecture, nobody will deny if you can adjust your body clock by  gradual alteration of your sleep pattern will prove beneficial. The jetlag Genie app works by inputting your dates, destination and normal sleep pattern, it then provides a personalised alarm clock to soften the blow when you wake up in one country on a different day than the one you went to sleep in.

Available on iPhone (£1.99)